Canada Place Energy Retrofit

Location: 999 Canada Place, Vancouver BC
Client: Canada Place Corporation
Services: MEP Design and Build

Enersolv is proud to have worked on a site such as Canada Place with its roots spanning all the way back to 1927 as the bustling Pier B-C before later becoming the host of the Expo ’86 World Fair.

Our work on the world-class landmark included replacement of existing systems to update the entire venue and its surrounding buildings (including energy-efficient heating and cooling) so it can continue to be enjoyed as a lasting legacy by the people of Canada and the world. Enersolv is continuing work at Canada Place, advising on the potential of a District Energy System (DES) with Canada Place being the “hub.”

Long before it became the iconic world-class landmark and venue that it is today, the area was already rich with history and activity. Read more about the history of Canada Place: