Nanaimo, BC

Franklyn Street Apartments (Tectonica)

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Client: Tectonica Management Inc. 

Status: In construction

Services Provided: Design-assist and build

Enersolv is collaborating with Tectonica Management Inc. and ERB Technical Contracting to deliver energy efficient building systems for a new 58 unit condominium mixed-use building close to the downtown core of Nanaimo, BC. Once an annex to the old City Hall, the redevelopment will bring investment and new commercial and residential opportunities to the area.

Upon completion of the design phase, Enersolv will transition to construction, installing a clean technology air sourced VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) mechanical solution.

“Teamwork is essential to every building systems project,” stated Steve Grindle, General Manager, Enersolv Design and Build. “By partnering now in the design phase, we ensure clients avoid expensive change orders later. This collaborative project management approach enables us to create a win for all involved: developers, contractors and occupants . ”

Construction starts on Techtonica’s Franklyn Street project in Summer (2018).