Vancouver, BC

Advanced Energy Office Program (Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.)

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Client: Cadillac Fairview Corporation

Status: Completed

Services: Energy Management System installation and commissioning

The Advanced Energy Office is a BC Hydro program that takes a holistic approach to upgrading office space.  With a sizable commercial footprint in downtown Vancouver, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation committed to the program by initiating a comprehensive assessment of building systems including: lighting design, power management, HVAC performance and energy metering.

In order to collate accurate pre- post-implementation energy consumption data and to assist during the measurement and verification phase, Enersolv recommended the installation of lighting and plug load meters.  The meters were integrated with energy management software to provide real-time data.

Subsequent to the installation and commissioning of a new Energy Management System, Enersolv implemented a series of energy conservation initiatives and identified a 70% annual energy reduction.