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Overcoming Resistance to Green Technology

Enersolv was founded in 2007 based on a drive to change the way the mechanical design and installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) was approached. Originally from Europe, Enersolv’s founding partners had hands-on experience of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, as part of enhanced HVAC solutions. Understanding the environmental and cost benefits of VRF, the team began to educate the North American market on the clear benefits of this green technology.

The Vancouver heating and air conditioning industry was dominated by firms with a vested interest in the status-quo. There was active resistance to using proven green technology because the companies in control at that time did not have the skill or experience to successfully install VRF equipment that would save energy and reduce utility bills for building owners.

Adrian Ryan, BSc. Eng., LEED® AP, Business Development Director at Enersolv

Since then, Enersolv has installed some of the largest VRF projects in Canada, including Building 12 for Discovery Parks – the largest in the country at the time. The company also completed the largest Canadian retrofit of VRF green technology for gaming giant, Electronic Arts Canada.


In the process, Enersolv developed a robust process to combat design conflict, using 2D and 3D building information management (BIM) expertise to assist engineers, architects and other project consultants ahead of installation.

 “We’ve come a long way since the firm’s initial efforts to promote the use of green technology in Vancouver. Our original push to see more efficient heating and air conditioning equipment used in new buildings in Vancouver has translated to improvements in the overall process too. We exercise the same attention to efficiency in our assistance to engineers and architects as we do in the equipment specification. It is all about saving our clients time and money through good design.

Steve Grindle, General Manager, Enersolv

The company continues to innovate. Enersolv now works alongside leading engineering consultancy firms and architectural practices to help deliver some of the most efficient buildings in Vancouver, Seattle and beyond.