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Enersolv Completes Fairmont Empress Hotel (Victoria, BC)

Contracted to design and build an energy efficient heating and cooling system at Victoria’s prestigious Fairmont Empress Hotel, Enersolv is pleased to announce completion of the project, on time and within budget.

Collating and piecing together historical data of past renovations was no easy task, but paramount to completing this project with the least impact on the existing building infrastructure,” says Steve Grindle, General Manager at Enersolv. A Central heating plant and distribution network was re engineered for the Fairmont Empress to accommodate the more than 440 “Hybrid” water source heat pumps required for the project. In addition to the heat pumps, a new cooling tower and Building Automation system was integrated into the Heating and Air Conditioning system.

Maintenance of the new heating and cooling system at the Fairmont Empress will be handled by their in house F&M team.